Our Legal Services


Cullimore & Coleman handles evictions (special and forcible detainers) for many landlord clients, ranging from single family homeowners to large property management companies in Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties. Because of our experience, and the high volume of evictions we handle, we are able to charge hundreds, sometimes thousands, less than what most law firms would charge. In order to provide the best service possible to our clients, we have associated in an “of counsel” relationship with The Law Offices of Andrew M. Hull. By virtue of this relationship, our clients are able to enjoy the service and relationship they have come to know from us, while benefiting from the years of experience and stability that Mr. Hull and his team provide.


Proving that you are owed money is only one step in actually recovering those funds. At Cullimore & Coleman, we can assist you in collecting what you are owed. We offer our clients several different arrangements for paying for our collections services, including contingency arrangements in some cases.

Defense against claims of violations of the Fair Housing Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act

Despite the best efforts of landlords, it is not uncommon to be accused by a tenant of discrimination under the The Fair Housing Act or The Americans With Disabilities Act. Defending against these claims can be tricky and intimidating, especially when you have become the target of an investigation by the Attorney General’s office. At the Coleman Law Firm, we strive to take an aggressive, yet practical approach to defending these cases, whether they be in the early phases of a response to an inquiry from the Attorney General’s office, or in full-blown litigation in federal court.

Real estate and contract litigation

In addition to thousands of court appearances in eviction proceedings, the attorneys at the Coleman Law Firm have represented clients in litigation matters in Arizona Justice Courts, Superior Courts, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, as well as in the Federal District Court. We believe that litigation should be a practical tool for enforcing your rights when necessary, rather than a weapon. We do not encourage litigation just to bill hours but, rather, to help difficult situations find an acceptable resolution.

Representation in Federal Bankruptcy Court to enforce landlord rights

When a tenant, or a former tenant who owes you money, files bankruptcy, it is critical that you are aware of the steps you can and cannot take in trying to enforce your rights as a landlord and creditor. Upon the filing of bankruptcy, federal law automatically imposes an immediate protection, called the “automatic stay”, that essentially prohibits all creditors from any type of collection activities, including evictions or requesting unpaid money. A landlord’s or other creditor’s failure to follow these federal laws can result in significant consequences.

The attorneys at the Coleman Law Firm have represented numerous creditors in federal bankruptcy court to overcome the restrictions of the automatic stay, so that they can proceed to evict a non-paying tenant, or enforce other applicable rights.