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Arizona’s Best Full Service Landlord Attorneys

Cullimore & Coleman, PLC has focused its practice on Landlord Law, evictions, Fair Housing, and Collections. Cullimore & Coleman, PLC offers its clients more than just evictions. The complete representation of the Landlord often beginning prior to an eviction even starting. Cullimore & Coleman, PLC will work with your tenants to either keep them in the property having caught up on all payments, or to get the property back into your possession while seeking the amounts owing in collections.

Cullimore & Coleman, PLC has over 15 years of combined experience in Arizona representing landlords. Cullimore & Coleman, PLC has been adaptable to the changing laws concerning landlords and will be instrumental in making the laws friendlier for landlords.

The proprietary software used by our office allows both clients and affiliates to have immediate web access to case filings, real time case status reports, training materials, articles, newsletters, and other materials to assist in the management of legal matters. Cases, evictions, collections, and letters are commenced immediately through direction by the client via the internet.

Complete Landlord Representation

Our office provides leases, forms, notices as well as specific addendums for our clients. Our clients also have access to legal advice from our attorneys for all landlord matters ranging from day-to-day operations to evictions.

Landlord Training

Our office provides regular, free trainings to our clients for all things landlord related. In this way, our clients are always up to date on legal trends in the state; new laws and city ordinances; and effective procedures to realize the most from their property management business.

Fair Housing Defense

Our trainings help our clients avoid even the appearance of discrimination. But when a claim is brought against our clients, we provide quality, experienced and cost effective defense representation against fair housing claims.


Our office provides low to no-cost collection services for our clients. Our aggressive, litigation approach to collections helps our clients attain more of their money they are rightfully owed.